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Ma 'anshan dongxing foundry co., ltd. will be the most important energy conservation and emission reduction work

Release time:2017-12-01 Today&#39;ssocietyisalow-carbonsociety,andlow-carboneconomyhasbecomeanemergingeconomicformanddevelopmentmodel,whichconsistsofaseriesofnewcontentssuchaslow-carbonindustry,low-carbontechnology,low-carbo...

  Today's society is a low-carbon society, and low-carbon economy has become an emerging economic form and development model, which consists of a series of new contents such as low-carbon industry, low-carbon technology, low-carbon city and low-carbon life. It has been recognized and adopted by many countries through greatly improving energy efficiency, large-scale use of renewable energy and low-carbon energy, large-scale research and development of greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies, construction of a low-carbon society, and maintenance of ecological balance.

  In China's 11th five-year plan, it is clearly proposed that by 2010, the energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP should be reduced from 1.22 tons of standard coal in 2005 to below 1 ton of standard coal, and the goal is to reduce energy consumption by about 20%. Under the industrial policy of adjusting industrial structure and controlling the rapid growth of industries with high energy consumption and high pollution, it is urgent to do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction of foundry industry.

  Under the premise of promoting low-carbon economy and green economy, how can our company do a good job in energy conservation and emission reduction?

  I. set up the company's energy conservation and emission reduction working group

  The company attaches great importance to the work of energy conservation and emission reduction. The leader of the working group is personally led by the chairman, and the deputy leader is held by the deputy general manager responsible for production.

  The energy conservation and emission reduction group has a detailed division of labor and performs its own duties.

  Second, resources recycling, improve the utilization of resources, the establishment of energy-saving enterprises.

  1. During the construction of the production line, one-time input cooling water circulation system is adopted. Circulating water throughout the plant in a closed circulation system; The waste water generated during casting is also discharged to the standard after being treated by the waste water treatment system.

  2. The return charge generated in the casting production process can be arranged on each production line with the corresponding automatic recovery and transmission device, which can be collected and remelted;

  3. Recycling of waste sand: in low-pressure pressure casting, waste sand solid waste is generated, which can also be collected centrally. Through recycling and utilization of molding sand plant, low-temperature calcining recycling of casting waste sand can achieve the effect of high quality and low energy consumption.

  4. Input in dust removal, deodorization and environmental protection equipment; set up a dust removal and deodorization environmental protection system during the construction of the production line. Dust removal is mainly for polishing and other equipment, and deodorization is mainly for core making, low-pressure casting, cooling and other equipment.

  Use of new equipment and technologies to improve energy efficiency

  Technological progress is an important sign of prosperity, product quality is the lifeline of an enterprise, these companies have long recognized the truth.

  1. Transformed the molding production line of the enterprise, invested a lot of money to purchase and use the advanced resin sand production line, further transformed the resin sand production workshop, added electric furnaces, etc., in order to improve production efficiency, improve product quality and reduce environmental pollution.

  2. Use clean energy with high calorific value on the melting furnace to reduce harmful gas emissions;

  3. Use the centralized melting furnace, preheat the raw materials with the exhaust of the melting furnace, and improve the energy efficiency;

  4. Optimizing casting process is an important part of energy saving and consumption reduction;

  5. Improve production line configuration and energy efficiency.

  Iv. In order to promote the energy conservation and emission reduction of China's foundry industry, technical measures should be taken from three aspects:

  1. Improve casting quality. If the castings are scrapped due to quality problems, repeated production will cause a large amount of energy consumption. Therefore, improving the quality of the castings is the energy saving of *****. It is estimated that every 1% increase in the casting yield can produce about 6 ~ 8 kg of excellent steel castings per ton of molten steel, saving 10 ~ 15 KWH of electricity. For every 1% increase in casting yield, about 8 ~ 10 kg of excellent cast iron can be produced per ton of molten iron, saving 6 ~ 8 kg of coke. Every 1% reduction in casting weight reduces energy consumption by 1% ~ 2%.

  2. Vigorously transform backward equipment and promote the use of energy-saving and emission-reduction equipment. Large tonnage, hot air, long furnace life, oxygen - rich cupola, and equipped with perfect furnace gas treatment equipment; Good thermal insulation performance heat treatment, intermediate frequency arc furnace; Energy-saving electromagnetic induction melting equipment; Dust removal and noise reduction equipment.

  3. Improve the foundry technology level of the enterprise. In casting production, casting yield (that is, the ratio of finished casting weight to metal burden weight) is an important index to reflect the comprehensive technical management level of enterprises. Our company continuously improves the process design, strengthens the field management, improves the labor productivity and the metal utilization rate under the condition of obtaining the high-quality casting.

  In response to global warming, new energy is in the initial stage, in the existing form of energy, energy conservation and emission reduction work is a long way to go, through the development and application of new equipment, new technology, to improve the effective use of materials and energy, to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. Every enterprise should take active actions to save every ton of coal, every kilowatt hour of electricity and every ton of oil and contribute to the construction of a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society.


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